Cupcakes and Marriage

I made cupcakes this morning for The Husband's birthday.
He requested blue.  
I obliged because that's the kind of amazing wife I am, and I worked super hard at adding those 20 blue drops of food coloring to the boxed cake mix, coconut oil, water, mint extract, and eggs.   Yeah, I'm pretty hard-core in the baking department.  

When the timer beeped it's ending, I pulled the tin out of the oven and smelled the yumminess, and then I saw these two.   

I, of course, sent a picture to The Bestie first.  Then, I thought I could work up a blog post about them somehow.  

Then, it hit me.  

These cupcakes are like marriage.  

Marriage, like these cupcakes, is often messy.  Marriage isn't always neat and lovely.  Marriage is, in the wondrous words of The Bestie, sometimes "just too much.  And it makes you fat."  She's a wise one, that girl. 

Marriage can also be yummy and fulfilling.  It can be sweet.  It can be worth the time and effort put into it.  

Happy birthday, My Dear. 

Thank you for working to make our life together love-filled in the midst of the mess.  

You are loved.



  1. Yes, he is loved bunches!!!! I like the blue cupcakes. Love you.


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