A Weekly Recap

It's been a busy week, but there were quite a few highlights. Tuesday afternoon, my parents met the kids and me at our local festival. Jack really enjoyed the petting zoo, and they both thought all of the rides looked neat. Next year, we'll have to take them on a few. :)
Wednesday, we started our St. Patrick's Day celebrations early with green smoothies :). I didn't give any to Ella because it had peanut butter, and she's not quite two yet. Jack thoroughly enjoyed his and requested more (after it was all gone! He said, "Darn, Momma!" Haha!). And Thursday morning, they had green cinnamon applesauce oatmeal!
I helped the kids make handprint shamrocks (one we gave to my mom for her birthday), and we started our flower dying experiment. 
I trimmed each stem at an angle and talked to Jack about how the stem would draw up the liquid (water and 20 drops of green food coloring -- I added twenty more on Friday when I noticed the coloring was very faint on the petals). He was a big help by putting the flowers into the container. :)
Friday, Jack and I examined the changes in the carnations and colored a picture of some. 
We gave the arrangement to Nana when we had a belated birthday lunch with them today. I fixed salmon, pasta, and sliced cucumbers and some green beans.  
This morning I made cream cheese mint cupcakes for us to have as dessert. They turned out pretty yummy :)


  1. A busy, busy week! And, a week you spent doing many nice things for me. Thank you, sweetheart. Love you.


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