Painting with Apples

This morning, I noticed that one of our apples in the bowl was looking a little rough. I decided that our learning activity today (he paints on Mondays) would include an apple stamp made from the bad apple. 
I scrolled through some ideas on Pinterest and saw this gem. 
Isn't that smart?!  So, I sliced our apple like that one above to give him a handle to hold.

After I got him all set up at the table, I drew a tree on the paper, and we talked a little bit about what kinds of fruit grow on trees, what colors we might see on apples (he was determined that purple was one of them, haha!), and where the apples grow (on the branches, but sometimes they fall to the ground before people pick them). 
Then, I showed him how to use the apple stamp and let him get to work while I fixed lunch. He had fun mixing colors and decorating the tree, and I had fun watching him get so excited about something so simple. Sweet boy told me the finished product was "pwetty," and I agreed. 
We'll definitely be doing more stamp painting with other objects. 


  1. What a very creative activity! I love the intent look on his face as he works on his masterpiece. Love you.

    1. He really liked it. After it was finished, I gave him a blank piece of paper and let him experiment with all the different colors and the apple. It was also "pwetty." :)


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