Five Facts Friday (2/5)

1. Ella is still doing well with potty training. I'm only focusing on bm's right now, which makes things easier. She applauds herself, and I make a big deal every time she's successful. 
2. She also has decided that sleeping at night is not for her. I'm so grateful that The Husband gives his two nights off to take care of any issues that may arise with them while I sleep (usually) interruption-free. She sure loves her daddy. And yes, he shaved his hair off. And no, I'm not thrilled.  I miss that gorgeous red hair :/ I am getting used to it though. 
3. I love my quiet moments of nursing her, but her ice-cold fingers in the morning sometimes are a shock! :)
4.  Jack is as sweet as ever. He really enjoys coloring pictures now, especially ones from his Batman book, and tells me they are pretty when he's finished. 
5. I love coloring, too. 


  1. So glad potty training is going well with Ella. Every step forward is wonderful! Check out battery-operated metronomes on Amazon and see what they have. I'll be glad to provide one. Love you.


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