Five Facts Friday (2/19)

1. These two enjoy being around each other so much. Even when one is (or both are) having a potty break. 

2. Ella's still doing well with getting used to the potty. When she's successful, she'll loudly say, "bye-bye, tee-tee!"
It's adorable. 

3.  They also enjoy sharing the backseat of the car. I snapped this when we got home from the library yesterday afternoon. 
We returned our books about boats and checked out six or seven books on trains. I think we'll check out books on animals next week. 

4.  The Husband and I went on a double date with The Bestie and her hubby last night. It was nice to get out and be with other adults :)

5.  Anyone else seriously sad to watch these coming last few episodes of Downton Abbey?! Also, I'm loving the return of The X-Files, even if it's only 6 episodes, and I'm super pumped to watch Fuller House on Netflix in a few days!!


  1. So glad Jack and Ella enjoy each other's company. May they always have a wonderful sibling relationship. Love you.


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