Five Facts Friday (2/12)

1. The kids and I have been enjoying going to the library to pick out books. The last time we went, we checked out 7 Eric Carle books that we didn't own ourselves. Today, we checked out 6 books about boats. Jack was very excited.
He LOVES boats. I'm currently searching for a boat or two that they can play with during bath time. 

2. Speaking of bath time, this gal likes to lie down for most of it. She'll still play with toys, but she prefers to lie on her belly while doing so. 

3.  The Husband works most evenings, so dinners were proving a challenge to prepare with two little people hovering nearby the entire time. So, I made a switch about a month ago. Our big meals happen at lunchtime now when he's here most days and can keep them distracted and away from the hot stove and oven, and our lighter, easier-to-make meals happen at dinner. 
Here's tonight's easy-peasy dinner. 
We usually have sandwiches or leftovers and rarely something from scratch. 

4.  Zebra Cakes. I. Can't. Quit. Them. Anyone else feel me?!  

5.  I introduced Jack to the music of The Chordettes, namely "Lollypop" and "Mr. Sandman," a few days ago, and he requests them both by name every single day. He really enjoys the music from that time period, and so do the rest of us; it's pretty great dancing-in-the-kitchen music :)


  1. The 50's music is some of the best!!! I grew up on it. A.D. was always playing the radio and records. I'm so glad the adorables are loving it, too. Love you.


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