The Remains of a Tree

A few weeks ago we had a very large (and very expensive--ugh!) tree taken down. It was close to power lines, and the top didn't look healthy, so we decided it needed to go. 
Here's Jack watching them take it down while sitting with our sweet neighbor :)
Anywho, now we have massive tree pieces/logs/whateveryoucallthem lying in our front yard. We tried to sell them to people who would chop them up for fire wood to try to recoup some of that money, but there are no takers other than the ones who want it all for free. 

While staring out my window, I started to dream up ideas for what we could do with them in our own backyard. I clicked on over to Pinterest and found some cute ways to use them in the backyard. I typed in "large tree stump logs yard" in the search field if you want to check out the TONS of creative things people have done. 

I really liked these. 
And these. 
Even this one for the leftover stump in the front yard. 
Now, all I have to do is convince The Husband to ask some of his strong friends to help him roll these heavy suckers to the backyard, and we're all set. These two would love it ;) 


  1. Like all the ideas for using the logs. Just remember, that you don't want the wood too close to the house because of termites. Also, you better put a sign on the wood you want to keep because the City may start picking up some of it. I was thinking a large heavy pot of something pretty would be great on that stump by the driveway. Love you.

    1. Good thoughts. I didn't even think about termites. We'll probably put them near the middle of the yard.
      The City won't pick them up (long story), so no worries about that.


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