Thankful Thursday 1/28

Today, I'm thankful that even in the midst of trials, there are so many reminders of God's goodness if only I'm willing to look around me. 
I've been blinded lately, and I have really just sort of taken a step back from my faith. 
*Hope has definitely, and unfortunately, been on the back burner.* 
It's amazing how fatigue and disappointment are such a feeding ground for the enemies of God. I have felt spiritually attacked the last month, and instead of clinging to God, I turned away and replaced faith with fear and His assurances with my anger. I placed blame instead of seeking help and direction. 
But, just like a wayward child finding her way back to her home, I found my way back to Him. 
So thankful for that word and all it means. 

I'm also thankful for these two cuties who like each other (and books) a whole lot. 


  1. Yes, sweetheart, you have much to be thankful for. This time will pass, and good things will be coming down the road. Remember, God wants what is best for you, and He will provide. Love you.


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