Potty Training - Round 2

So I started introducing the concept of sitting on the potty to Ella three days ago. Each morning after breakfast, I place her on the potty and explain what needs to happen. I read "potty" books to her while she sits. 
She has not accomplished anything on there other than sitting patiently without needing to hold onto me, which in itself is great. 
Day 2
Day 3
This afternoon after lunch, I had her sit on it again for quite a while. Jack needed to go, so he did his business on the little potty we have for emergencies. I applauded him in front of her for telling me he needed to go and for doing it in the potty. She clapped for him. 
I gave up and took her off. She walked to the living room and promptly peed all over the rug and the lower level of the coffee table before I could get in there with a diaper. I don't know how she managed to pee on the coffee table. 


  1. She may be a little young yet for her to fully understand the concept! I couldn't help but laugh as I read the part about her peeing on the bottom of the coffee table - hope you didn't have any books there!!!!! Love you.

    1. Jack was around this age when we started introducing it. I'm not stressing about it. It's good practice to sit and try and to learn to be patient :)
      And no, I had moved our books, and there are bins of toys under there now. Nothing was near the puddle haha.


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