An Interview with The Boy - 2 1/2

I've seen lots of posts on Pinterest with questions people (probably mostly moms) ask their kiddos each year.  I would have started when Jack turned two, but since he wasn't terribly verbal, I just would have ended up with a lot of nods and hand gestures and sign language. He's very smart, and he understands so much, but he's still not as verbal as most children his age. That being said, I still wanted to attempt this because it's such a great idea and such a wonderful way of keeping track of "the little things."  I looked through and jotted down questions from many, many sources on Pinterest, and I decided that these 15 would do. I set up my phone to record his responses, and I had him sit at the table with me to conduct our interview. This was super unsuccessful because playing with his Backyardigan friends and beans was wayyyyy too much fun and far too distracting (and messy) to answer any of my silly questions. 
So, I waited until right before his nap while he was snuggling with The Husband on the couch. 

Me - Hey Bud, I'm going to ask you a few questions, ok?
J - Yeah 

Me - What's your favorite drink?
J - Blue 
Me - Blue? Um, but what do you like to drink?
J - Wa-wa 
Me - Oh, water. Yep, water is tasty. 

Me - What do you like to eat?
J - Ba -nana
Me - Bananas? Ok. Do you like anything else?
J - Pea
Me - Peas? 
J - Yeah

Me - What's your favorite color?
J - Blue
Me - Really? I thought it would be something else (purple because that kid requests purple paint, play dough, crayons, markers, blankets, etc. first before any other color is even considered). 

Me - What do you like to sing?
J - Pink?
Me - Hmm, but what's your favorite song?
J - Ah - eh - bun
Me - Hot dog bun? Oh, Hot Cross Buns?
J - *nods*

Me - What's your favorite thing to do outside?
J - ffffffffffffff *complete with hand motions* 
Me - The spray bottle? 
J - Yeah

Me - What book do you like the best?
J - Neat book
Me - The book with all of the colors? (Mix It Up)
J - Yeah

Me - What is your favorite animal?
J - Puppy. Blue puppy. (I could have sworn he'd say cats because he LOVES cats.)

Me - What do you like to do with Daddy?
J - *signs "read book"*

Me - What is something Mommy says to you? What do I say to you?
J - Ba-nana
Me - Haha, banana? Ok. 

Me - How old are you?
J - *one finger* *five fingers* Momma, *one finger* *five fingers*

Me - Who loves you?
J - Eya
Me - Yes, Ella loves you. Who else loves you?
J - Da-deda
Me - Who? Zaccheus? (We had just read the story of Zaccheus, and The Husband had just sung the song with him.)
J - *sigh*

Me - Who's your favorite person? Who do you like to play with?
J - Back-bard
Me - Backyard? No, not where. Who? Who do you like to play with?
J - *sigh*
Me - Ok. We'll skip that one. 

Me - What do you want to be when you grow up?
J - Back-bard
Me - You want to be a backyard?
J - Yeah

Me - What makes you happy?
J - *pretends to throw*
Me - Throwing things makes you happy?
J - Yeah

Me - What makes you sad?
J - *hits his daddy's legs*
Me - Hitting? Hitting makes you sad?
J - *nods* 
Me - Well, hitting makes me sad, too. 

Me - Ok, thank you. 


I guess he was pretty tired from that intense questioning because he went to sleep not long after I put him in bed. 

I set an alarm in my phone calendar for around this same time next year to remind me to ask him these questions. I'll do the same for Ella next December when she's 2 1/2. I think my favorite part was his expressions. And the sighs. :)


  1. How sweet, and what a wonderful idea. He will get a charge out of reading each year's responses when he is older. Love you.


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