A New Year A New Routine

A few weeks ago, I wrote out this new schedule. 
It takes into account the morning nap put back into Ella's day. I shifted some things around, but the items throughout the day are basically the same. The morning nap has helped some, but I've been having to play around with her afternoon nap. Today, I'm trying 2pm instead of 2:30, and I'll take it from there. This new routine gives us lots to do, but it's the perfect amount of "things" for these little people. 
It also allows me moments throughout the day to get chores done (kitchen cleaned up while Jack has his 20-30 minutes of TV time and Ella naps, laundry started and switched over while they both nap in the afternoon, lunch started while Ella naps and Jack has learning time, etc.)  
I have lots of one on one time with each of them, too, which is a bonus. Even if you're not hope every day with your kiddo, I highly recommend a routine on your off days. It has been such a blessing to let our routine work for us (and not make us work for our routine). I've also seen it work wonders at helping them learn self-control (using crayons and paint and play dough and glue during learning time), and patience (sitting still for stories and waiting patiently for food to be put on the table), and perseverance (during room time they have to problem-solve all on their own if their toy doesn't work or the puzzle piece doesn't fit right or the blocks/duplo blocks just won't stack the way they want). 
Ella is in room time right now, Jack is down for a nap, and I'm about to grab the load of diapers from the dryer before helping her clean up her room, settle her down with a book or two, and get her in bed for a hopefully-great nap. 
I might even watch an episode or two of Battle Creek (a great show!) while I fold :)
Here's hoping your day has been as pretty as ours have been the last day or so. 
My view from our porch of the tree across the street yesterday afternoon. 


  1. Your organizational skills are certainly paying off!!! Love you.

    1. I do love me some organization ;)


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