Jack - 2 1/2 years Old

30 months ago, this little boy entered our world and forever changed my definition of love
He seems smarter every day, and he's great at trying new things (both the adventure-kind and the food-kind).  
He's completely potty trained during the day (except for naps) and very seldom has accidents. 
His speech has really improved, and he tries hard to communicate what he's thinking.  
He is kind and loving to Ella, and she loves him for it. They play chase now, and it's adorable. 
He is a puzzle-master! He enjoys them and does them with ease. 
He is so funny. He has a great sense of humor and loves to make us all laugh. 
He's a daredevil, but he is also learning his limits. 
He loves to be read to, and he loves to paint. 
He relishes our time outside, and he begs to go out often. 
He is a problem-solver and a hug/kiss-giver. 
He is an animal-lover and a fantastic hopper. 
He is our boy. We adore him. 


  1. Can't imagine our life without our precious Jack Campbell. I think how much Mom and Dad and Mom and Dad Krueger would have loved to meet him and watch him become the amazing child that he is. The world awaits and I know he will make a big mark in it. Love you.


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