Thirty Days of Thankfulness - Take Two - Day 9

Today, I'm thankful for ice cream. 
I've convinced my body and brain to continue functioning rationally just a little bit longer, and as a reward, as soon as the children are in bed in one hour and 12 minutes, I will be chowing down and indulging in the unnecessary calories and fat and sugar. 

It's not Bluebell, but it will do. 

***Oh good grief!  My boy, with his sister whining NONSTOP in the background, climbed up on my chair (while I typed this one handed and shoveled food into my mouth with the other hand) and gave me kiss after sloppy kiss on my neck and cheek with no prompting. Wow. My agitated self really needed that sweetness.***
Ok I'm breathing a little easier now. I can do this! Also, come on 7:30! 
What are you thankful for today?


  1. Those sloppy kisses make it all worth it! Love you.


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