Thirty Days of Thankfulness - Take Two - Day 5

Today, I'm thankful for an acceptable and delicious substitute for the yogurt (soooo good) I typically eat for breakfast but ran out of two days before payday/grocery shopping day. 


You and I have had a love affair for many years. Spoonfuls of you throughout the day kept me going while teaching kindergarten. Mixed in with smoothies, you helped me survive morning sickness. Warmed with milk, you make a splendid hot cocoa on cold nights. 

This morning, you, blended with some peanut butter, made a nice (semi-healthy morning sandwich. 
My tummy thanks you. 


  1. You and Nutella!!!!! I remember first finding out about Nutella in Germany and bringing home a jar of it. Then, I found it on our store's shelf. The rest is history. Love you.

  2. Might have to come over for breakfast. Nutella on tbe menu and I'm in!

    1. You'd be welcome! We could talk books over Nutella-based breakfast items ;)


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