Thirty Days of Thankfulness - Take Two - Day 3

Day 3

I'm thankful for bedtime for my super cranky one-year-old and very active two-year-old.  I appreciate that they willingly go to bed by 7:30 and usually rest well. 
Here's a handy chart for all of you parents of babies going through that special hell called "teething."  Ella is currently working on all four "first molars," and they're huge. Anyone who has been in the same house with her can attest to the truth that she's entirely unhappy with this fact. every. day.
Thank you, God, for replenishing sleep.


  1. I hope Ella gets through with her current teething soon. I know it must hurt to be cutting so many teeth at once. Hope all of you rest well tonight. Love you.

    1. I do, too, but it seems like she's a slow teether. These four have been trying to come in for weeks. They're huge. :/

  2. Poor little doll! I feel so sorry for her and you! I have large teeth; guess she got that from me, too. :( Love you.


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