Thirty Days of Thankfulness - Take Two - Day 23

Tonight, I'm thankful for white noise on sound machines and nifty projection night-lights. 
The sound machines allow the people who take naps in my house to nap peacefully with fewer outside noises disturbing them. We had three going this afternoon! One for each child and one for The Husband, haha!
The night-light is a new addition to our household. Jack has been very emotional at bedtime the past week. Whining and crying for what has appeared to be no reason. The Husband and I finally decided to try a night-light that he had bought months ago. It's a projection one that shines a picture on the wall or ceiling. The kids, especially Jack, think that it's so neat, and for the last two nights, it seems to be doing the trick. Although, I think it keeps Ella up longer because a dark room is her sleepy-time friend. We'll have to remember to take it with us if we have to stay with my parents or if we visit out-of-town family! One more important thing to not forget, haha! 
I'm thankful for inventions that help my kids get the best sleep they can. 


  1. Is Jack having night terrors?? I'm with Ella, I need next-to-no light to sleep deeply. Hopefully, this is just a phase, and he'll grow out of it. Love you.


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