Thirty Days of Thankfulness - Take Two - Day 21

Tomorrow is supposed to be our first really cold day of the season. 
Looking at my wardrobe and my shoe collection, I realized I have very, very few winter show options. 
I was at a loss, especially because it was pouring down like cats and dogs all morning.  By lunchtime, though, it had quit, and my sister graciously agreed to go with me and the kids to be an extra pair of hands while I looked for some boots. She and my niece took care of Jack while we shopped, and although I wasn't able to find anything that worked, it was still nice getting to be with them for a little bit, and I really appreciate their help. 
After The Husband got home from work this evening, I hopped in the car and ran to one more store. They had several styles (for far better prices), and I thankfully found a pair that will work (and they were on sale! Yay!). They're very wintery-looking, so I may need to look for a pair that are a little more every-seasonish, but these will work for now. 
Today, I'm thankful for helping hands and cheap, cute boots :)


  1. Those are cute. Glad you found them! Love you.


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