Thirty Days of Thankfulness - Take Two - Day 19

Oh, y'all. 

My CHI iron died this morning. 

One last hurrah -- I straightened my hair and turned it off.   
I came back and saw I had missed a section, so I turned it back on. 
I tried resetting it wth that little red button. 
I tried changing plugs. 

Oh, old friend. 
How I'll miss you. 
You gave me 14 good years. 
Thank you for your service. 
My unruly, frizzy, curly hair thanks you, too. 

Now to save up for your replacement :(


  1. Wow, I would say you got more than your money's worth from this Chi Iron!!! So sorry you have to say good-bye to it. Maybe, a replacement would be a great early Christmas present for Spencer to give to you. Love you.


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