Thankful Thursday (10/29)

So much to be thankful for these days. 
1. These two. 
They enjoy sharing their room. Ella has been doing some calisthenics in her bed at night (and during naps), and I've had to put grips under the feet of her bed to keep her from slamming her bed into walls, doors, and Jack's bed. I found them like this a few mornings ago. 

2.  This girl. 
She's starting taking steps by herself this week, she's babbling and attempting a few words (hi!, momma, dadda, Ella, Nana, kitty) and sounds (shh!, meow), she's can sign several words (more, milk, thank you, wind, all done), and she's just as sweet as ever with a (un?)healthy dose of sassy thrown in. We're working on toning down the sassy :) She also makes THE BEST faces. 
She's a character, and I'm thankful she's ours. 

3.  This boy. 
He's fun and energetic and has a sweet sense of humor. After 4 months of working with a speech teacher here at the house once a week, he's increased his spoken vocabulary from less than 10 words to almost 50. 
I'm thankful he's doing so well. 

4. My guy. 
He is LOVING his job. I've never seen him this happy to go to work and to work 10 to sometimes 17 hours each shift. Ever.  I'm so very pleased for him and so thankful he's been given this opportunity. Keep those prayers coming for safety and peace and good memory of the hundred and hundreds of roads and places he's required to know in the very large county we live in. 

5.  The man hanging out of my window. 
We are FINALLY dealing with the hundreds of thousands of bees living in our upstairs wall. They had to remove most of the inside wall piece-by-carefully-removed-piece to get to the hive and the bees. It's a 6-8 hour job, and they've been at it for nearly 4 now. 
That's a lot of bees. 
I'm thankful he could finally make it out here. Next up will be repairing the wall. :/

Today's filled with a lot of gratitude. I hope you have lots to be thankful for, too. 


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