Thankful Thursday (10/01)

Yesterday afternoon, exactly one year 
that The Husband graduated from the academy, he got the call that's going to change his life, our lives in a huge way. 
The sheriff's department in the county where we live will be getting its newest, handsomest, red-headed deputy in about a week and a half, and I couldn't me more pleased for or more proud of him. 
He has worked incredibly hard this year, and he is going to make a fine officer who serves and protects those who work and live in this community. 
My prayer for him is this (and if you would join me in this prayer as often as you think of us, it would mean the world to me):

Holy and awesome God,
You knew these days were coming. Thank you for your perfect timing. 
I pray that The Husband will seek You each day before he puts that uniform on. I pray that the Holy Spirit will guide and protect him, that You will give him wisdom and discernment in every situation he finds himself in, that You will give him the grace he needs in order to share that grace with others, and that You will give him Your eyes to see the truth.  I ask, Father, that you will direct his steps and his speech, and please guard his mind, his body, and his heart. Lord, you know the things he will see and hear, and I ask that you would help him choose the right responses as often as possible.  Place a hedge of protection around him, and bring him home safely to us after the end of each shift.  Thank you for this gift, this opportunity, to do the thing he's most wanted to do since he was a little boy, and I humbly ask all of these things in the precious and glorious name of Jesus. 
Friends, Family, Sweet Blog Readers, thanks so much for standing with us in such uncertain times and for pressing on with us with excitement and hope. We love you.


  1. We always knew that God would open that door when the timing was right. We will continue to pray for Spencer's safety and continuing ability to deal with difficult situations. We are so proud of the man he has become, and know he will make a fine officer. Love you.

    1. And, we're thankful that you and Dad have always been so supportive and positive. We love you, too!


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