Early to Bed: A Lullaby for My Unruly Children

So last night my children were loud and crazy, and Ella refused to quit whining/crying from before dinner until almost bedtime. Instead of going crazy right along with them while they were in the tub, I started telling them that they were going to be heading to bed early. I just kept repeating it: early to bed, early to bed, early to bed with you. Then, I started humming it to a tune.
I completed the chorus, and it stuck in my head the rest of the evening. 
Tonight, I sang it to them before bed again and figured I ought to come up with a verse to go along with it. 
I think it turned out sort of pretty, so you know maybe I'll become a famous lullaby writer or something one day ;) Feel free to sing it to your unruly children. No guarantees it will help anything, but my own kiddos stopped and listened as I sang, and Jack even tried to hum along, so there's that :)

Now, I'm hoping I get to go to bed early tonight! I think I'll hold off on those two loads of laundry I should be doing, finish watching an episode of Fixer Upper (BEST. HGTV SHOW. EVER), and call it a night. 


  1. You had me singing along with you!!! Love your lullaby. You should contact Ryan K. and see if he can put it to music. Love you.


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