A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Gosh, it's a pretty day!
It's 82° outside, and there's a slight breeze. It's almost cool in the shade. 
I read this article while I had breakfast this morning. It encouraged me to let Jack take a few risks and play outside my comfort zone more. So, after lunch, we headed out to the backyard. I always worried about ant beds and poisonous plants that could be growing along the fence line, so I normally follow him around and direct where he goes. 

Not today, my friends. 
I put Ella on a blanket with a few toys and sat next to her. She ignored the toys and played with (and tried to eat) all of the crunchy leaves and sticks on the ground around us. Eh, fiber. 
He pretended and ran with sticks, he dug in and poured rocks, he climbed on the playground, and he mowed the lawn (and his playground?). 
We stayed out there for nearly 45 minutes, and the only times I gave him directions were when he was trying to pour rocks in the middle of the yard and then again when it was time to clean up the toys and head back inside. 

I loved it. He loved it. More importantly, he realized his own boundaries (in the safety of our enclosed backyard) without me having to say anything. 

We'll do it again, and I'll do my best not to dictate his every move out there and to simply enjoy the quiet around me. 
We came back inside and had something to drink, and they both fell asleep almost as soon as their heads hid their mattresses.
I'm eating ice cream now and watching an episode of Fixer Upper. It's been a good day :)

 Yesterday, I tried out a new crockpot recipe that I concocted all on my own, and it turned out really yummy. Check back here tomorrow for the details, pictures, and easy-peasy recipe. 


  1. So glad you and Jack and Ella were able to enjoy the beautiful afternoon. Jack loves exploring and this is a good thing!!! He's curious because he is so smart. Ella will do the same. Love you.

    1. We'll come explore your backyard soon :)


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