A little over a week ago, The Husband started feeling bad. Achy, fever, cough, sneezing, congestion, sore throat, and stuffy ears. He missed work because he felt so bad and went to the doctor twice once it turned into a sinus infection. 
Then, on Wednesday, Jack started running fever and exhibiting the same symptoms. He spent one night in our room because the coughing was so bad, and it kept waking Ella. He's on the mend. The upside is, that after listening to and watching his daddy blow his nose so often, Jack learned how to blow his. :)
Ella began feeling poorly on Friday. Friday night was AWFUL. It started before bed, so I should I have known there would be issues. The intense crying started before 11. I tried to comfort her to no avail. We moved her to our room, so Jack could get some rest. He was the only one who achieved that coveted goal. I didn't get to sleep until after 2am because she just couldn't get comfortable. Every time we put her back down, she cried some more. The Husband told me to go upstairs and try to get some sleep, so I did. I got about 4 1/2 hours before she woke and the day started. 

You know, I really shouldn't complain. My kids are almost never sick, and when they are, it's not for very long. This is only the fourth or fifth time Jack has been ill and only the second time for Ella. It's just harder when it's both of them at almost the same time. And, I realized there was a reason God didn't call me to be a nurse or doctor. 

Thankfully, she started to feel some better by Saturday afternoon, so I felt comfortable leaving them for a few hours that evening to celebrate my friend Angela's birthday. The Bestie and I treated her to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. The food was yummy, and the company was the best! 

I got to bed a little earlier than usual to try to make up for Friday night only to wake every few hours with a raging sore throat. Yes, friends. I, too, have succumbed to the dreaded summer cold of 2015. I feel awful.  I wish I could take a few days off of work and hole up in bed with a book and endless Netflix, but like you other mommas, stay-at-home or otherwise, out there know, there's no rest for the weary. Wishing you all an immunity to this mess!


  1. We're so sorry you are feeling bad. :( Is there something we can do for you? I was kind of achy this morning, so we didn't make church. Feel better soon, sweetie. Love you.

    1. Ugh! I hope you don't have this! I'm sorry y'all were around us :(

  2. No, I think I was just overly tired. Your dad's napping now. We're just not as young as we used to be, but we love being with all of you. Love you.


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