Room Assignments

Monday afternoon, The Husband decided that it was time to move a bed back downstairs. I say "a" bed because it's not the one we were sleeping in (the very squeaky, uncomfortable one) before The Husband moved upstairs and I moved to the couch and the children each got their own rooms.  I had high hopes that we'd be able to afford to put in AC upstairs so that either he and I could have our bedroom up there or the kids could share it since it's the biggest room. But that never came to fruition, so we've all been sleeping apart for the last 4 months. 

A few weeks ago, we decided that the kids will just share one of the small bedrooms downstairs until we can do something different. And then this girl right here had two or three smack-me-crazy-horrible nights of teething madness in a row.
And, I began to rethink life itself. 

So anyway. 

Monday afternoon, I said that we could just try to share a room with Ella again for the time being or at least until we can buy her a crib of her own. Come on, local
consignment shop! Love that place.   

The Husband almost immediately started moving things downstairs. With the help of my parents (who were unaware they would be walking into a moving zone when they arrived for dinner), we moved all of Jack's stuff into his new room, all of Ella's stuff into our new room, and then moved our bed, side tables, and dresser in there, as well. It's not perfect, but it functions!  
Nothing has been hung on the walls. But I think we'll wait on hanging anything in our room until she's out of there for good. And although I hate bare walls, we may end up rearranging at some point, and I don't want to have to re-hang things.  

Their room, on the other hand, is pretty much set except for the empty wall where her crib will go. 
*Can you see the boy in his "book nook?"*
**Also, please avoid looking too closely at the very brown curtain. I have to purchase two more grey ones to match the ones already in there, but those suckers are expensive! I keep watching for them to go on sale!*
I have all these great items I want to hang in their room, but I'm just not sure where. Any thoughts?  
Two nights in, and we've gotten pretty decent sleep. We move like ninjas into the room hours after she's fallen asleep. We open the creaky door a third of the way and shimmy in sideways, we slowly and softly walk on floor boards to our respective sides of the bed, and we slide almost noiselessly between the sheets. Then, we let out smiling sighs and snuggle close before falling asleep. It's been really nice sleeping in the same bed, the same room as my husband, haha! I hope we can keep it up. I love that girl to pieces, but I will be sooooo happy when she and Jack are happily sharing a room. 

Here's to another (hopefully!!!) good night!


  1. That shared room is coming for Jack and Ella!!! And, we're very glad y'all are back in the same bedroom together. :) Has the bed that Dudley's had in the store been sold? I'll be glad to help you with hanging ideas any time you want, but Spencer gets to use the hammer!!! Love you.


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