A Heart for Jesus

My prayer every day, every night as I lay my children in bed, is that they will have a heart for God and for people. 

 We thank God for the food that's been prepared for us each meal, and before we go to bed each night, we thank God for the day we've been given, and one of the first words Jack attempted was "amen."  It made my heart glad. 

Last week during our meals together, Jack started "requesting" to pray. He would grab my hand (and The Husband's if he wasn't at work) and squeeze his eyes tight, and when I asked him if he wanted to pray and tell God we were thankful for the day and the food before us, he would nod vigorously. And, so we would pray. Again. :) Ella watches, and it makes me thankful that she is witnessing that simple act of gratitude. 

I captured this shot this morning, mid-breakfast, his second request to pray. 

I hope he always takes moments out of his day to give thanks for what he's been given, and I hope he develops a beautiful heart for Jesus. 


  1. He's so precious!!! My eyes misted over as I read this. We can learn so much from our sweet, sweet children and grandchildren. Love you.

    1. Love you, too 😀
      Jack has been requesting your presence. Want to come over for hot dogs this evening?

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you :)
      We will be in town next weekend. I hope we get to see you at church!


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