Thankful Thursday (5/21)

Today, I'm thankful for seeing things in a new way. 

I'm a girly-girl through and through. I don't enjoy mud or bugs or being dirty. 

But, having a boy, a boy who loves being outside, has changed all that.  

I have never in my life thought a snail was beautiful. They're slimy and icky, and y'all, I DON'T do slimy. Or icky. 

But, I certainly did today. And, I found myself describing a snail as beautiful (and believing it!) to my son who thought he was seeing and holding the most interesting thing ever. Once he had that snail in his hand, he wouldn't put it down. He carried it around the porch with him for 10 minutes until I convinced him that the snail wanted to eat supper with the other snails. We talked about how God had given the snail a house to hide in when he wanted to sleep or be safe or was scared. We watched for long minutes as the snails slowly worked their way up shoots of grass and then would pull their houses along with them. We giggled when he'd pick one up, and whoosh! into its house it would go. 
Slime and snails, y'all. It was wonderful. I love seeing things through his eyes. I loved more the fact that I forced myself to stop and be still long enough to watch snails do their snail thing at their snail pace. 

And, Ella? She giggled when we giggled and watched us as we watched. 
She's all sugar and spice, that girl. 

I'm thankful for rainy days that bring out the snails and the beauty and the giggles. 


  1. It is truly wonderful to see the world through childrens' eyes. You used to love to pick the flowers with your Grammy as you took walks, and I'm sure she talked with you about God's works. <3 U


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