Five Facts Friday (5/15)

1.  We have been in the throes of potty training the last three or four days. I didn't set out to; it started out of necessity (he had a spot on his bottom that wasn't healing properly while in wet diapers all day).  It's not awesome, but every time he's successful at staying dry, we celebrate the victories. 

You know you're talking to a kiddo whose potty training when the following come out of your mouth 

"Don't tee-tee on the floor! Why did you tee-tee on your sister's toy?!" 

"Are your underwear dry? Good job! Don't tee-tee in your underwear." 

"Tell Mommy when you need to sit on the potty. Do you need to sit on the potty? Let's go sit on the potty."  

"No, we're not putting on your diaper right now. No, you're not 'all done.' Please sit there until you tee-tee."

"Stop touching the toilet paper. Stop grabbing the shower curtain. Stop touching the things on the back of the toilet. Stop kicking the trash can. Stop sitting sideways on the toilet."

2.  The Husband ordered me something from this wonderful chocolate store (The Chocolate Garden) in Michigan for Mother's Day, and it's lost in the mail. Our theory is that it was eaten along the way. I'm very, very sad. 

3. To make up for not having whatever he ordered, I ate my weight in these. 
Oh. My. Yum. 

4.  I mentioned recently on here that I wanted to display our family verses somewhere in our home. Yesterday, while perusing Facebook, I came across an adorable chalkboard made from an old cabinet door. I went to the store that had posted it today, and I bought that sucker. I can't wait to get it hung in our kitchen! The Husband really likes it, too :)

5. I started planning the kids' joint birthday party. I sent out evites today, so if you think you were supposed to receive one and didn't, please let me know!  I don't want to forget anyone. We want them surrounded by people who love them. :)


  1. Love the chalk board! I am impressed you are trying full potty training with Jack; you and your sister were three before you were 24-hour trained (but we know how smart he is!!!). <3 U


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