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You know the flowers I moved the other day?  Well, I fixed my hot chocolate and then headed outside to check on them this morning before I got Jack up for breakfast. 
Here they are, alongside the amaryllis bulb I planted the next day. I'm aware amaryllis flowers usually bloom in December, but this one had already started growing out of the bulb. In the empty pot. In the garage. In the dark. So...I went ahead and planted it. 
Each morning after breakfast, Jack has Art time (play-doh, coloring with crayons or markers, painting, stickers) for 30 minutes before playing in his room. 
This morning, I pulled out the gallon bag of stickers his Nonny gave him, and he set to work pairing up stickers that matched. I guess technically today our Art time was Math time. 
Also, he's 22 months old today! I can't believe he's almost two years old :(. 
After running errands as a family, I popped some bacon in the oven (300* for 28 reminder for next time!), and it turned out so yummy and perfectly crispy. I can't stand floppy bacon (I know The Bestie feels me), so I had to keep watching (and poking it) to see when it was crisp. I fixed sandwiches for The Husband and me that were so tasty! And pretty :)
His-spicy blue cheese sauce, leftover grilled chicken, tomato, Monterey Jack cheese, and bacon.
Mine-sauce, cucumber, cheese, and bacon.

And, you know you have a pretty cool hubby when he suggests watching an episode of "Friends" while eating lunch. 
This afternoon after The Husband went to work and while the kiddos dozed, I cleaned and cleaned the kitchen. Yesterday, I moved some things around in there (including this consignment shop find!) and reorganized drawers and cabinets. 
(It currently houses all of the art and learning activities.)
 I really like having the island as an island again :)

This gal played while I cleaned. 
And, the title of this blog? Yeah. We have bees. A lot of them. They're trying to burrow into our garage wall near one of the upstairs windows. Not cool. At least one has already found its way in. 
I called a bee remover, and I'm hoping he can make it out here tomorrow morning. I like bees, and they have a really important role in nature. I just don't want them in our house. Or in big groups near where my son plays. But, I love honey and I love flowers, so I hope the remover can remove them to a spot far away from here where they can do their thing because I don't want to have to call an exterminator, which will be who I call next. 

It's been a long but good day. I hope you've enjoyed yours (without any insect swarms). 


  1. I love the storage bin in the kitchen - such a great place for it. And, yes, I like the island as an island again, too!! Sure hope your bee guy can come soon. Love you.


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