Sunday Funday

This. Girl. Has. My. Heart. 
I love my early morning quiet time with her before the rest of the house is up and moving. 
On the way home from church I noticed that one of our neighbors had thrown out almost the exact same storage system I got at the consignment shop the other day. So, after lunch, I walked down there to investigate. The owner was outside, so I made sure he didn't want it. He said that his grandkids had outgrown it, and he offered to walk it down to our house. It needed a lot of cleaning, so I set all of the bins out in the rain to get a good soaking. We'll see what they look like in a day or so. 
After naps today, I decided that Jack could explore with some cloud dough that I made a month ago. 
Smart gal that I am, we did that little activity outside. 
Ella wanted her picture taken, too. She helped. 
Then, Jack decided to play with the water in the bins and containers. That was great fun, and besides being very cloud-doughy, he also got soaked from practicing pouring and scooping. 
I stripped him down outside and gave him a good, long bath.  :) 
I had to add this one. I was loading the dishwasher after dinner, and I looked over to see Jack helping Ella build. I hope they continue to play this well together ;)


  1. What is "cloud dough?" Glad you had that going on outside. The pictures of Ella Bella are beautiful; she is such a pretty little girl! :) I think it's wonderful that you have had so much experience with teaching little folks and now can use all that knowledge with your own very smart little ones. Love you.

    1. This is cloud dough (though I used olive oil instead and didn't add the paint since I didn't have any).


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