Sharing a Room

I'm writing this in a blog post instead of posting directly to Facebook because I know there are some readers who aren't on FB and won't be able to comment there. 

Our house has three bedrooms -- two downstairs and one upstairs. The Husband, Ella, and I have been sharing a room since she was born, and Jack has his own room. The upstairs room has been a guest bedroom, but it's not used often because we only have an A/C window unit up there, and it's either horridly hot or frigidly cold most of the time. 
Because of many reasons, The Husband and I have kicked ourselves out of our room (namely, I want my child to sleep and her father is the loudest turning-over-in-his-sleep-person out there), and we've been sleeping on the pull-out couch.  It's not the most comfortable sleeping arrangement, and after about a month of this, The Husband said enough is enough. He moved our bed upstairs. 
I have a big problem with my children sleeping downstairs and us being upstairs. I made it one night, and since then, I've been back on the couch. It felt wrong, and my mommy senses wouldn't quit tingling. 
My original goal was to have the kids share a room -- at least until they're 7 or 8. But, The Husband thinks it's a really weird (bad) idea. He's never heard of a brother and sister sharing a room. 
Y'all, they're SO close in age (12 months and 18 days apart).  I can't imagine that they'd have had separate rooms until they were older if they had been born twins, so why is this such a big thing?
Regardless, I'm having a hard time convincing him, and I'm hoping you guys and gals have some good anecdotes I can share with him about either yourself or your kids sharing rooms with an opposite sex sibling.  Good experiences preferred haha, but I'm open to hearing the cons, as well!
Please, please help me out. I want to sleep in my bed in my room with my husband again. Help me convince him it's not a crazy idea, and I'll love you forever! 


  1. Well, since my siblings were many years older than me and you and your sister were years apart, I don't have any stories to share. I will say that I think that Jack and Ella would do fine having their beds in the same room for at least the first few years. I also understand that being upstairs when your babies are downstairs is a little unnerving. Even when we had upstairs bedrooms, your sister was always upstairs, too! Hope y'all can come to an understanding. Love you.

  2. James Ray and I shared a room until the third bedroom was added to mom and dad's house when we were about 4 and 6.

    1. Good to know! And, y'all turned out great :)

  3. Right now, I would think the main issue would be them waking each other up too soon during naps or bedtime. That's what my friends with kids who share a room have struggled with most, for the time being. Things like that can be rough on momma- you might want to consider how you feel about those issues, just to cover all bases.


    1. Oh I agree. Sleep is pretty important around here. They'll still nap in separate rooms, and until Ella's consistently sleeping through the night, we won't make the move.


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