Early Morning Surprise

I stepped outside in the early morning mist. It's going to rain today. A lot, I think. The air was heavy with moisture, and there was only a whisper of a breeze. I wanted to see my weed garden, and I wanted to see if the amaryllis had bloomed yet. As of yesterday afternoon, it hadn't. To my disappointment, it still hadn't, but I was delighted to see that the second spiderwort had.  Working in the flower bed yesterday, I thought it might be soon because of all the tiny buds I saw, but I was surprised to see the small flowers weren't bluish/purple like the first plant. They're white. Sweet white blooms. Three of them.  Free beauty. 
Ok. It's now Friday morning. 24 hours after I started writing this post. Two kids under two happened. Apparently. 

And, honestly, I don't even know where I was going with this post. 

It began raining after lunch. It poured and stormed and thundered. Jack slept through it. Ella slept some, but not as much as she normally does. 
After Jack woke up, and while Ella cat-napped, I took Jack outside to play on the porch. It was cloudy, and I knew the rain would start up again soon. He played with water (his favorite activity). 
We came in, he took a bath, I fixed supper, and he and Ella had blanket time together. 
This morning, I peered between the slats of the blinds and saw the amaryllis had finally opened up. The purple spiderwort has 6 blooms, and the white one has 3 again. I love my little flower garden. 
And, while I looked outside, Jack did this ;)
Parenting at its finest, I tell you. 


  1. I love your sweet little flower garden!!! There is nothing like having pretty blooms to greet you when you walk out your door. We hope the four of you have a wonderful week. We'll call you when we get home. Love you.


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