Not the 29th

So, this gal is 8 months old today; though, technically, it's not the 29th. Oh February, you trouble maker, you. 
She's not rolling over (I assume because she's not a big fan of tummy time), but I know she'll do it in her own time--she does roll to her side. Jack was a late roller and crawler, but he's running and trying to hop now, so I'm not worried. :)
She hasn't shown interest in table food, but when she does, I think we'll go the baby-led-weaning route instead of me making tons of baby food like I did with Jack. I'll make some of the purées of the foods that aren't soft enough for her to chew/gum on though. 
We love her so much. Her cheeks are sooo nom-nomable. Her smiles and squeals are infectious. Her hair is coming in on top and resembles the fuzzy down of a baby chick. She fills our home with such light. I can't help but smile when I think about her. 


  1. Well, for Heaven's sake, what's not to love!!!!! She is such a little doll and, you are right, her cheeks were made for nibbling on!!! Oh, how your Grammy would have loved to do that! :) Love you.


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