In the Heat of the Night...or The Lack Thereof

Well another few busy days have passed, and I'm just now finding time to post about the latest craziness. 

Monday night, after everyone had gone to bed except me, I noticed a funny smell. The heater had kicked on, and there was a definite, almost-chemical smell coming from the vents. I turned the heater off, prayed for God to protect us while we slept, and went to sleep. The next morning, The Husband, up early for a correctional officer course he's taking for three weeks, turned on the heat. I immediately noticed the smell, and asked him if he smelled it, too. He did, and he told me not to run the heater at all. He'd check it that evening when he got home. About 45 minutes before Jack's bedtime that night, The Husband was able to take a look. The wires were burning right through the electrical tape. Again. He called his dad and his grandpa, and they came up with a solution. But because he's in school and working full time, he had no time to fix it before the latest cold front blew through Wednesday evening. So Wednesday afternoon, I packed up the kids, and we headed over to my parents' house to stay for a few days until he could look at it again. 

"Staying anywhere other than one's home with a toddler is sheer pleasure," she said with sarcasm dripping from every word. 

Seriously, my almost 21-month-old son is delightful and funny and inquisitive, and at home, he knows the boundaries, for the most part. He tests them, of course, but he doesn't have to be told "no" or "please walk away" or "one finger only" every time he touches something. At my parents' house, everything is soooooo interesting. Especially the items that are breakable or that could hurt him. He also desperately wants to hang out with my dad, who is busy busy busy with working on his clients' income tax stuff, so he was constantly knocking at the office door or begging to go see him. 

So, after a day of rainbows and butterflies and grins and giggles, I had to get those kiddos (and myself) out of the house. It was too cold to walk in the neighborhood, but I called up my friend Angela, and she said she'd be happy to join us for a walk at the mall. 

Side note--this gal was squealy and happy most of the time. 
I bundled the kids up, we stopped by Ang's house to grab her, and we headed into Target first. I wanted to find something that could occupy Jack's attention at their house. 

Side note #2--I got this GREAT gently-used double stroller at a consignment shop last week for almost half what we'd pay for a new one. We LOVE it! It's the same brand as out single stroller (which we have also loved because of how easy it is to close and load and unload).  
We found a container of play dough and play dough cutters.  It was only $6 or $7, and I felt it was totally worth it if it meant we didn't have to chase him down and hog-tie him quite as often. 

That evening before dinner, I sat him in his chair and started to show him how to manipulate the play dough. He seemed to like it. 

The next morning, after breakfast, he noticed the container and motioned toward it. He played with that stuff for at least 30 minutes before asking to get down.  Success!
He begged for it again after his afternoon nap, carrying around the container to any adult who migh give in and open it for him, and because The Husband had been able to fix the heater (YAY!!!) and we would be going home, I told him he could work with the play dough as soon as we got home.  We walked in the door, and he ran to his chair. My mom stayed with the kids while I (and my Dad--hello, I'm not crazy!) met a man in the Target parking lot to sell my single stroller (thanks to The Bestie who advertised it for me online!). Jack played with the play dough for at least 45 minutes before dinner was ready. 

This morning after breakfast, he asked for it again.  So instead of going right to his room for room time, he worked quietly with the play dough and a play fork and play knife for 45 minutes while I did laundry. He's now in room time, happily playing while listening to his VeggieTales CD, and I'm sitting for a few minutes enjoying the quiet, except for the the doves cooing and an occasional toy hitting the floor. 

It's not Thursday, but I'm thankful for this $7 piece of wonderfulness. 
Oh, I'm also thankful The Husband fixed the heater! ;)


  1. The Play Doh was a great idea. I'll get some to keep here. I know Jack is probably tired of all the toys we have. Glad y'all are safe and sound in your warm house. Love you.


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