Another Year Older

The kids and I (with the awesome help of my parents!) made these signs yesterday afternoon while The Husband was at work (where he had a simply awful & scary day--doubling down on prayers for a new job) and then hung them up so he'd have something nice to see when he got home around midnight. 
I know they'll get tossed out eventually, but I sure love looking at Jack's small (and smudgy) handprints and Ella's oh-so-tiny footprints!  At least I'll have these pictures :)

Happy, happy birthday to my dear husband! We love you bunches!


  1. Hope everything is ok. Happy bday to your hubby.
    Mine worked in one of the prisons. Nightmares I tell you. Even though he was an addiction counselor, it was still pretty bad.

  2. And, another very Happy Birthday to a wonderful son-in-law!!!! We loved helping make these precious signs. Love you.


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