Thankful Thursday (2/5)

Today, I'm thankful for activities that keep Jack entertained. 

Yesterday was an overcast and chilly day. We'd had a pretty good morning, and I wanted to keep that good vibe going as long as possible. So, when Jack woke up from his nap and while Ella continued with hers, I grabbed a large, empty, plastic container and tossed in a few items like a funnel, a pitcher, a small beach ball, a measuring cup, etc. Things that could be used when exploring with water. 
I filled the bucket a third of the way with warm water since it was cool outside.  Jack wanted to help. A lot. 
I lugged that heavy sucker outside and told Jack to have at it. 
I talked to him about the warm water and the cool air.  How things floated and sunk. 
I told him about pouring water from the containers, how it was okay if water got outside of the container, and then I let him explore. 
He did this so happily for over 20 minutes and could have gone longer, but by this point, most of the water was gone, the ground was wet, and he was soaked (and cold, I'm sure!). 
So, we headed in for an early warm bath and more water play. 
Ella woke up and joined us :)
I'm really thankful for his curiosity and the ability to let him learn through play, and I can't wait for the weather to warm up a little, so he can do more of that! 


  1. You're helping him to learn so many things with thoughtful play. And, yes, he is a very smart little guy who is going to continue to amaze us. Love you.


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