Is It Just Me?

Is it just me that feels that potty training a 19-month-old is the least fun thing in the world?
It's not even like we initiated it. He's been telling us for a couple of months when his diaper is wet or dirty. So, then we started helping him notice his body cues before he'd have a bm. He's done that deed several times on the potty now. Yay! Wet diapers are another story. He always tells us after the fact. But, then he still is insistent upon sitting on the toilet. So we sit there (with his pants off, of course. Geez, Mom. Who leaves their pants on when using the toilet?). And we sit forrrrrrrrrreeeeeeevvvvvvveeeeerrrr. We read books. He holds little items from the basket on the back of the toilet. He tries to play with the toilet paper. He wants to smell and spray the smelly spray. I'm tired. 

Is it just me that feels guilty about being given gift cards?
Gift cards are great for when you have absolutely no idea what to give someone. 
The problem I have is that we never have "extra" money, so when I'm given a gift card to "get myself a little something special," what happens? Do I spend that money on me? Heck, no. Every single gift card I've been given the last couple of years (unless it was a specific card for a service like a massage or a pedicure) has been spent on one of three things:  the children, groceries, necessities for the house. I feel guilty spending anything on myself, so although nice, gift cards given to me are really gifts to my family. 

Is it just me that thinks she's the prettiest, sweetest, most cuddly baby ever?

Is it just me that thinks that changing out of pajamas is overrated?
My current reasons for not getting dressed. 
It's rainy and cold outside. 
I just washed laundry yesterday, and I don't want to put more clothes in the hamper. 
I'm just going to get spit up on and drooled on.
I have no plans to leave the house anytime soon.
(Yes, my legs are swung over The Husband while he dozes on the couch.)


  1. If you will give me a good time for you to be gone from the house (sans children), I will pick you up and take you for a little retail therapy (on me, so don't worry about any gift cards). We might even catch a little lunch (or bring it back home if your time is short). You do need to do things just for you occasionally. Love you.


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