Five Facts Friday (2/13)

1. This little dude is 20 months and 2 days old. 
He keeps us on our toes and in stitches the majority of the time. 
He voluntarily gives sweet Eskimo kisses to his sister and me. 
He shrugs his shoulders and looks perplexed when he's done something he *knows* he shouldn't have done. 
His imagination is developing, and it's an amazing thing to witness. 
He signs 20+ words, says "momma,"
"dadda," "Ella," "papa" (for Grandpa), and has attempted "circle," "man," "banana," & "backpack."
He still adores his baby sister and wants to hug and hold her often. 
He enjoys room time and spends an hour to and hour and fifteen minutes in there. 
He takes one 2 1/2 to 3 hour nap each afternoon; at night, he's in bed by 7:30 and wakes the next morning around 7:15. 
He's shy, but friendly around strangers; he's wild, outgoing, and loving around his peeps.
He LOVES riding in the car and asks to do it often.
He runs and dances and spins in circles.  
He's such a cutie and a card. 

2. This gal is a squealing, raspberry-blowing machine who has begun to make this scary, inhaling-with-sound noise. Frightening. It delights her. 

3. We had our house re-leveled this week. Insurance covered a little over half the estimated cost. Jack really liked watching the guys work, and he'd run from one window to the next. He'd wave at them, and then he'd grab a play fork from his kitchen and pretend to "dig in the dirt."  

4. I did six loads of laundry yesterday. I did two more today. Can't wait for Heaven and the whole no-laundry thing. 

5. Speaking of laundry. The Bestie's friend Sara (thank you so much, Sara!) sent over a bunch of hand-me-downs for the kiddos. And, by a bunch, I mean two large trash bags and one large diaper box full. Or this:


  1. Lots going on!!!!! Love the pictures of the two precious little ones. Yay, for the house leveling and all the wonderful clothes!! Laundry is just a fact of life - it does get easier once you don't have all the diapers to wash!!! Before you know it, that will be the case. Love you.


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