Five Facts Friday (1/30)

1.  I haven't done one of these posts in a VERY long time!

2.  Bet you thought I forgot about them. 
*i kinda did*

3. Ella turned 7 months old yesterday, started grabbing for her toys while sitting in her activity seat, found her thumb and enjoyed sucking it, and began blowing raspberries. It was an eventful day. Plus, she looks super cute. 

4.  My cousin Sarah offered to make Jack an alphabet book using photographs of items/people he'd recognize.  She rocks!  So the last couple of days I've been scrounging around looking for things to take pictures of and going through tons and tons of old photos. I've enjoyed doing it, & Jack has loved posing :)

(I for "ice")
(V for "vest")
(U for "umbrella")

5. This girl is officially sleeping without her swaddle (the fabulous Woombie), and we're now using the equally-fabulous Zipadeezip. It took three days of naps to get used to it, and by the third night, I decided she was ready to try it out for the night. Success!  This was last night right before I got her up for the dreamfeed. So sweet!


  1. Jack is a very cute boy model!!! Can't wait to see the book Sarah is putting together for him. Ella looks like a little angel in her new Zipadeezip - I can see how this gives her more arm maneuverability. Exciting times!!!!! Love you.


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