Today is Wednesday

You saw it here first, People. 
Today is, in fact, Wednesday. Weird. 

It's been a few weeks since I last posted, not because I haven't had anything to say or show, but because (1) my phone is too full to take any more pictures, so all of the pictures and videos I have are old (at least a few weeks old anyway) and (2) I try to be conscious of the amount of data I'm using (instead, it mostly goes to playing Words with Friends (gotta keep my mind sharp, right?) and checking email and Facebook). 

But, I wanted to put out an update (it's a long one) because (A) the kiddos are growing and changing so much and (B) I believe in the power of prayer. 

So, the kiddos. 

Our boy Jack:

Jack is 17 months and one week old. 
He is 31 inches tall (I measured him lying down on the rug before it might not be completely accurate.). 
He is a great eater and will try new things without a fuss. I know that can easily change, so I'm appreciative for this.
He loves Ella. Most of the time. The other times, he simply ignores her. 
He has learned to bring me books and sit in my lap if he wants to be read to. He'll do this with toys, too. I really enjoy him willingly engaging with me. If I'm sitting on the floor next to Ella while she plays, he'll often come make a space on my nap to sit and interact with her, too (making her hanging toys move or touching her clothes or face).  
He's also learning how to sleep with a blanket. Up until a week ago, we just layered him up and hoped for the best. Then, one day, I decided to teach him how to cover up with a blanket if he's cold. He really likes his blanket, and it's cute to see him trying to cover up with it. 
He is not really talking. He only says Momma and Dadda and occasionally Ella. He points and grunts at things, he motions for me to follow him, he squeals and hums, he shakes his head no, he nods his head yes, and he signs a few words. But, he really has no interest in conversing with us. I'm not overly concerned, but if those of you with boys have some advice on how to get him to talk or just stories of late talkers that would ease the tiny bit of worry I have, I'm all ears. 
He loves to kick his soccer ball around the yard (I love soccer!) and is pretty good at it :)
He plays in his room by himself happily for at least an hour each morning after breakfast. 
He likes scribbling with chalk, markers, and crayons. 
He's running all over the place. 
He's taking only one long afternoon nap now, which gives me around 3 hours to be with Ella or to close my eyes or to do some house work. 
He's cutting 4 teeth. Fun. He'll have 12 when they're in fully. 
He's funny and smart and is still a love. He's crazy and wild and has just captivated our hearts. 

Our girl Ella:

Ella is almost 5 months old. 
At her last appointment 3 weeks ago, she weighed 11.5 pounds (she weighed 5 pounds at birth) and was 23 inches long (she was 17 1/2 at birth). 
She is a good sleeper. At night, she often goes from 10pm to 6am or later before wanting to eat. During the day, she takes 3 long naps and one short one.
She's trying hard to roll over, but only makes it halfway so far. 
She's holding her head up well and she sits with assistance. 
She loves it when people sing to her or talk to her, and she responds with squeals and coos and big smiles. 
She's so happy. Until around 5:45pm, and then my happy girl is often nowhere to be found :(
She enjoys batting at toys and looking around. 
She's chuckled twice. 
She still has blue eyes. :)
No teeth so far, thank the good Lord. 
She's adorable and cuddly and so loved. 

The second portion of this post regards a few prayer requests, so if you enjoy bringing things before the throne, please feel free to place our requests there along  with your own. 

The Husband is still on light duty (which has been a huge blessing in so many ways), and he'll now be doing a few weeks of physical therapy to see if he can strengthen his knee and reduce the pain he's still dealing with. In the meantime, he's been applying for positions in a few local police departments. Please pray that he will get hired on with one of them soon. This request feeds into the next one, mainly because of the salary increase he'd receive by being hired on with a department.

Our house is falling apart, and I mean that literally. We are on piers, and the inspector who inspected our house when we bought it a few months back failed to notice that the beams are rotting out, at least one beam is almost completely off a pier, the floor in the kitchen seems to be rotten (it's mushy and we've had to move our bigger furniture out of there since we're afraid it will fall through), and our house is caving into a "u" with the kitchen as the lowest point. The cost to have the house releveled (which doesn't include the cost of fixing the slab under the garage and mudroom or replacing the rotten flooring and tile in the kitchen) is well beyond our means at this time. 
The Husband spoke with an insurance adjuster yesterday, and there is very little likelihood of them covering anything. They had an independent adjuster contact me. He, in turn, is having a plumber call me. They'll both come out (hopefully) sometime this week. Also, a structural engineer working for our insurance company will head this way next Tuesday. Although there's only a slim chance they'll find a good-enough reason to compel our insurance to off-set the cost, our God is a God of slim chances! We are praying for a timely resolution to this increasingly-scary situation, whether that be an increase in salary to offset the cost (and to qualify for  a small home-improvement loan) or the insurance company coming through for us. Thanks for keeping us in your prayers. 
And, if you made it all the way through this post without dozing off or clicking the X on the tab, well done. You deserve a gold star :D


  1. I made it through all the blog!!!! (So do I get a gold star???) :) You know your house issues and Spencer's better employment are in our prayers. God is going to take care of you as He always has. The pictures of the little ones are adorable. Thank you for sharing them. Love you.

    1. I tried to paste a picture of a gold star--no luck. But, good job :)
      Thanks for your help tonight (and for the pizza!). Love you!

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