Poor Jack is not feeling well. He NEVER does this. He's killing my collar bone, and he's moaning in his sleep, but I'm enjoying holding him. 

The time change + sinus stuff do not equal extra sleep.  They don't even equal a normal night's sleep.  

I'm running low today (as the dark circles under my eyes can attest). My tank is almost empty, and I feel like I don't have enough to give to the little ones who need me. But, I'll muster through, and I'll sigh at the end of the day when my head hits the pillow for those few hours of sleep. 

Ella is waking up, and I don't want to wake this sleeping boy from his slumber, but I must. 

She's congested, too, and I have her propped on a pillow to help. I know it's not the safest setup, but as long as she's swaddled and isn't rolling over yet, I'm ok with it. She's breathing easier like that, which means she's sleeping easier. Both a plus in my book. 

Here's hoping for a great nap for the boy this afternoon and a better night for us all. 


  1. Hope you all can get some rest this afternoon. Love you.

    1. It's a no-go. I shouldn't have let him sleep this morning because now he's playing in bed instead of resting. So, no rest for Momma either. Wish I could just go hide in a dark cave and sleep for a few hours, but Ella needs me now.


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