Thanksgiving 2014

Look what was just dropped off at our front door :) Not literally dropped. Handed. 
Have I mentioned we have the NICEST neighbors ever?!

We'll be celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow evening with my folks, but this was a sweet surprise today! Guess we'll have a little Thanksiving today after all :)

That's his "open the crayon box Mommy" face. 

Cleaning up the backyard has been the chore of the day. Well, The Husband's chore. I've stayed inside with the kiddos ;). You know, because someone needs to, right? Thanks, Dad, for letting him use the chainsaw!

He's never still lol! I kept trying to get a shot of his outfit (my favorite! I love those little consignment shop-find jeans!), but he wouldn't stop moving. Oh well :)

And, because it's Thanksgiving, which means it's fall (although it's not very fall-ish weather today here in these parts), I thought I'd fix some Hot Dr. Pepper (half a can to a whole can of Dr. Pepper heated in a mug; drop in a few slices of lemon, stir, enjoy the fizzy goodness!) while the little ones nap. 
Well, this little one just woke up ;)

Anywho. My drink will have to wait. 

Is that a thing where you're from? It's so tasty, and I grew up with my parents making it on cold fall/winter nights as a special treat.  I'm not sure where they got the idea from, but it's a tradition I plan on keeping (even if The Husband thinks it's weird!). 


Ok, both kids are napping now, so I'm going to enjoy my drink and the beautiful, quiet afternoon.  Maybe I'll start re-reading The Fault in our Stars ;)

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. We'll see you soon. Love you.

  2. I've never heard of Hot Dr. Pepper! ...and I'm a huge DP fan! ...but with the lemon added, it sounds like DIY Mr. Pibb, which is basically Dr. Pepper plus lemon, as a soda.


    1. I didn't know that about Mr. Pibb! I used to drink those at my grandmother's house and thought they were pretty tasty :). Guess that's why I like Hot Dr. Pepper!


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