Love = Jack and Ella

Jack loves Ella. 
He's started giving her kisses today. He doesn't even give us kisses. 
He's also tried giving her toys to hold and gets a little frustrated when she doesn't take them. But, he loves sitting next to her and offering to share his toys :)

Jack also has started to pretend, and I think it's so cute. 
He pretends to stir something and then gives it to me to "taste" haha. 

So, this is the only way I can take pictures--through the blog--so they aren't the best quality, but I'm glad I got them :D Plus, I'm loving her stripes!


  1. I just don't think you can get any cuter than those two!!! Wow, isn't that so sweet that Jack wants to share his toys and is kissing Ella. He is a good big brother. One picture of Ella looks as if she is trying to sing (shades of her mommy)! Love you.


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