Five Facts Friday (10/10)

1.  I haven't really blogged in a very long time. We don't have internet (it's not in our budget quite yet), so using the data on my phone to blog doesn't sound wise. Instead, most of the time I try to write things up at home and publish them at the library using their free wifi.

2.  The Husband's MRI showed that he has a bad bone bruise on his kneecap (with tons of tiny micro fractures), which could have resulted in a broken kneecap. Thank God, it didn't!  He's seeing an orthopedist on Monday to make sure his doctor didn't miss anything. He'll be on light duty at work for a while. Thank y'all for praying for him. 

3.  I never got a chance to write about his graduation!  I'm so proud of him! He won the Top Gun award, and he did so well on his exams. Now, he's filling out applications for local departments, and we're hoping and praying he gets hired on at one of them at the first of the year. 

4.  Jack got his first haircut last week! He went with The Husband, my mother-in-law, and my dad. He did really well :)

5.  So, I made up a song for Ella. I sing it to her often because it's fun. The lyrics are pretty amazing, so I had to share. Try not to be astounded by them. ;) 
Plus, she's just so perfect.


  1. Oh my word I just love baby sounds! She loves her little song. Precious!

  2. Who wouldn't love their mommy singing to them!!! She just gets more precious every day. And, Jack C. is definitely looking like a very handsome little man with his big guy haircut!!! Love you all.

  3. I love her baby sounds, too! She's such a happy baby, and her smiles and coos just about kill me.


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