Two Things Tuesday (9/16)

1.  Jack is 15 months (and a few days) old. 
I LOVE this age. 
He's so much fun, and he's learning so much every day. 
He knows four signs: "more," "all done," "drink," and "eat."  We're working on "please" and "thank you."  
He loves running up and giving my legs a big hug often throughout the day, and he lays his head on my shoulder when I tell him "I love you."  
He plays well by himself, but he does like to bring me things like books to read or toys to put together. 
He's pretty obedient and is really getting the hang of "be gentle."  He hears it often ;). 
Here they are during blanket time this afternoon :)

2.  This little girl must be going through a growth spurt something fierce, and this is where she could be found much of the day. 
I don't think she's made it to 3 hours between feeds once, and this is the one I normally have to wake to eat. 
Wow. Momma's tired. 
Bright side: her eyelashes are coming in nicely :)


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