Monday Musings

Why on earth does my baby's head smell so ridiculously wonderful?! I could sniff her tiny noggin all day long. 
I think she has got to be the sweetest baby ever. 
Feel free to disagree, but truly, she's just such a doll that I can't help but think she's the bee's knees. 

Ice cream. 
It all started with having it as an innocent afternoon snack while both kids napped. Then, mid-mornings before nursing Ella seemed to be an acceptable time to grab a bowl. Now, a before-bedtime, post nursing bowl hits the spot. Yes, y'all. I often eat ice cream 3 times a day. It's ridiculous. I'm addicted.  And pudgy.  And, I don't care.  My husband and my parents are my suppliers. I'm so glad they don't question me ;)

I giggle when I see this one. I caught him in mid-poke (FYI, I adore the irritated look on her face, hahahaha!). He desperately wants to love on her, but his idea of loving on her is trying to lift her by her head, grabbing her ears, pulling her toes and feet, and gently (thankfully!) patting her belly or back. 

I never post breastfeeding pictures,
not because there's ANYTHING wrong with them, but because I feel self-conscious. But, I couldn't help but take a picture of her the other night. She was so, so sweet, and I just had to capture the moment. So, here it is. Completely tasteful. I promise. 

Speaking of breastfeeding. I bought this handy do-dad at a local consignment shop, and it's awesome!  Awe-some. I sang that in my head. I hope you did, too.
(That's just from one side "dripping out". No pumping.)
I'm appalled at how much liquid gold is wasted into nursing pads (yesterday, just using it three times, I got over 3 ounces with no effort on my part). While she nurses on one side, this catches the milk coming in on the other side--the milk that would be absorbed into a nursing pad and thrown away! Yikes!  I, then, put it in the fridge, and once it's cool, I add it to Jack's sippy cup of organic whole milk. So now, he gets the benefits of my milk, too! Big YAY for smart, creative people who come up with nifty inventions like this! 

The Husband only has a few weeks left of school! I can't believe how quickly his time in the academy has flown by.  It will be so nice to have him home more!

This little dude? Super cool :)

The weather here has been crazy lately. I feel like we should be in April instead of September with all of the rain we've gotten. The thunder and lightning have been pretty intense, but my kiddos sleep right through it.  I wish I had had enough energy and know-how to plant a garden earlier this summer! The plants would be loving it, and we'd be bringing in some tasty goodies!

Oh my. 
Blueberries are a huge treat for Jack, but I have never seen him do this kind of damage before. They didn't even know what hit them. 
Bath time did wonders, but he still has blueish/purplish hands. 


  1. Such wonderful musings!!! And, I love all the pictures. The breast milk catcher is such a great idea!!! Wish I had had something like this. :) Love you.


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