Heading to Nana and Grandpa's *UPDATED*

7/6/2014 - 2:45pm
We get to leave! So happy to get to have both my kiddos under the same roof!

Well, we didn't end up going home yesterday after all. The doctor was concerned by the 25 grams she lost the day before.  I was very disappointed. The silver lining was that I got another quiet day with Ella. 
She did gain 10 grams yesterday, but we're not sure if it will be enough. 

This girl here passed her hearing screening yesterday afternoon and her 90-minute car seat challenge late last night. 
We didn't get back into the room until almost 1 this morning, and between trying to keep her awake to feed each time and nurses visits, I may have gotten a whole 3 total hours of sleep. 
I woke at 8 to her quiet noises and bright eyes taking in the little bit of surroundings she could see. 
She will see the doctor soon, and although she lost an ounce yesterday, they're letting her leave around lunch time. 
So the two of us will begin our next big adventure (riding in the car and then meeting her big brother!) very soon. 
Thank you for continuing to think of us often. We are so grateful. 


  1. Can't wait to hold baby Ella! We'll see you soon. Love you.


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