Update On Yesterday

I'm tired. 

I didn't sleep but maybe an hour last night what with the IV and fetal monitor cords and the cathadar tubes twisting every time I moved, the blood pressure cuff tightening every time I started to doze, and the mattress not allowing my hips any relief. 

Exhaustion, hunger for something more substantial than a cup of broth, the magnesium causing extreme dizziness, plus lots of anxiety caused a wee bit of a sobbing meltdown and contractions this morning. 

I've tried to rest today, but have not gotten much sleep. 

I finally saw my doctor this afternoon. He won't consider releasing me until tomorrow at the earliest. He wants me maintaining status quo.  And once I'm released, I'm on bed rest because of (TMI ALERT) my cervix being short and soft--two things that indicate labor isn't far off--and the strong contractions I was having all day yesterday. 

I'm disappointed. I had such HIGH hopes of getting our home ready. For us to live in. For us to bring the baby home to.  And now, instead of unpacking boxes and decorating and tidying, I will be in bed or on the couch at my parents' house. Instead of carrying and loving on and holding my boy, I will be watching him from arm's length. 

I know it's very important for me to follow my dr's orders, but it does stink. 

I'm counting my blessings though. I have to. 

**I am still pregnant. Tomorrow I will be 34 weeks. 
**The baby is doing well. Still breech, so I'm praying she will turn soon so that a csection is one less worry on my list. 
**My husband has been able to be with me due to the 16 hours of comp time he had saved up, and The Bestie is going to try to hang out with me tomorrow morning while The Husband works. 
**My parents have been taking great care of Jack. Who I miss. Terribly. 
**My contractions have stopped (well they did pop back up briefly when my stress level increased earlier).
**Igot to eat solid food. Grilled cheese, as requested. 
**I'm cathadar-free and have permission to use the bathroom. 
**I'm hopeful I'll sleep a bit better tonight. 

Thank you, thank you for praying and for continuing to pray. 


  1. Well, Baby Ella was determined to come and meet her mommy and daddy. God is so good - you were right where you needed to be and your doctor was on call this weekend. We know everything will be fine. Rest and get stronger. Love you.


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