Two Things Tuesday (6/10)

1.  Tomorrow this boy is turning one!!!

This time last year, I was wishing and praying and hoping he'd hurry up, haha!  Whoo, that was a longggg labor.
After reliving that day through words, I am not looking forward to doing that again in a few months, but I am definitely looking forward to meeting our girl :)  This moment was sure worth the....well, worth it all!  And, I just re-read the comments at the bottom and got teary-eyed.  Bestie, you better be there for this little one's birth, too!

2.  We're having a little gathering to celebrate his birthday next weekend, and I'm hoping he doesn't freak out with all of the people there.  Since being sick a few weeks ago, my social boy has become a clingy mess around people other than me, The Husband, and my parents.  He will smile and blow kisses and wave "hi" all day long to others, but the minute they get close enough to touch him, or heaven forbid, pick him up?  The frantic looks directed at me start and the tears begin to pour.  It's so sad! And, I'm talking about people he formerly was happy to go to!  Crazy!  So, if you're one of the awesome people attending his get-together, please be patient with him and give him some time ;).


  1. We've all been there and totally understand. I'm positive all will go well no matter what. ..

    1. It'll be a memory-making event ;)

  2. Can't wait to watch him open his gifts!!! :) Love all of you.


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