The Possibilities of the 23rd

Oh, Friends,

Some of you know that the 23rd has special meaning to The Husband and me.

We started officially dating on January 23rd.

We got married a year and a half later on July 23rd (our three-year anniversary is coming up next month!).

Hadley's due date was on August 23rd.

And, today, this 23rd day of June, has now been added to that list of memories.

We closed on a new-to-us house!  We are homeowners.

We fell in love with it and wanted to make it our home the moment we took a look inside a little over a month ago, and it's been an up and down journey since then.  God answered prayer after prayer (in His timing, of course), and we were forced to be patient and to not lose hope.  Neither of us were awesome at those things, but our God was faithful and surprised us last Wednesday when we got the call that we were going to be able to close this afternoon.

This house, our home, has so many things that the two of us always wanted in a house but never thought we'd actually get.

It has a huge front porch (perfect for a swing, a bench, some chairs, and some quality relaxing). 

It has a small second story.  The previous owner converted the attic.

It has lovely, original hardwood floors in many of the rooms.

It has a HUGE backyard (the kind where laundry hangs, children play, gardens grow.)

It's not a big house--just three bedrooms, one bathroom (we'll definitely be practicing patience, haha....or hopping in the car and driving the 4 minutes to my parents' house!), a playroom, an office, etc.  But, it's so delightful.  And, we can't wait to move in!

In a few weeks, my mom is going to be throwing us a housewarming party there once we're all unpacked.  She'll be sending out invitations (via email, so keep checking your inboxes), and it'll be a come-and-go type of event with drinks and snacks and time in lawn chairs and tours around the house.  We would love for ALL of our friends and family to see this precious space of ours, but we realize that's not possible for many of you (due to distance and/or scheduling).  If, however, you don't receive an invite (for the above reasons) and would be willing to make the drive and spend a little time loving on and enjoying our new home with us, please, please tell me, and I'll make sure you're invited!

Side note...
**Stacey (my flag friend from high school!), if you're reading this, it's just down the way from where you and Chris (used to?) live!  If you do still live there, we will have to schedule some serious play dates for our little ones :)**

And, I'm back.

So, there you have it.  That's our big news.  The news I've been sitting on for weeks now. Oooh, it was tough not to tell ;) You're prayers for a smooth transition are sooo appreciated!

Any advice you'd like to give to first-time homeowners?


  1. Congratulations! How exciting, and what a blessing! What a great photo (I'm partial to big yards, myself and yours is just gorgeous!) I am so excited for you guys and your little family! I guess this as good a time 9and place) as any (I've been debating emailing) to tell you that we're moving, too. Kevin has accepted a coaching position in Plano. It all happened rather quickly between Easter- first week of May, and the past two months have been HARD! We listed our house in May and it sold in FOUR DAYS! and then we had to rent our own house back from the buyer while looking for somewhere to live up north. Three houses and two realtors later, we finally got an offer accepted just last Wednesday. We close on the 3rd. Leaving the FLC is SO HARD! We've all been reminiscing about you guys (Joyce and I have been talking about that time, and she's been going back and re-reading your blog posts from way back when...), and your own departure, as well as that of a few others. I don't want to leave and I feel just awful, but I couldn't deny Kevin the opportunity... I love it here. I love my job, I love the people. I've been happy here. It's definitely been a struggle and very heartbreaking.

    But I am SO PROUD of you two for persevering through those hard times, and so happy for this new adventure of yours! You have been on my mind a lot these past few weeks! Love to you all!


    1. Jennifer,
      That's awesome and so sad at the same time! You will be sorely missed!! Find me on Facebook (find Spencer and then me through him), so we can keep in touch...if you have an account. Thank you for letting me know and for your prayers and congratulations. We miss you, and we know God's got your situation firmly in His grasp. Blessings, sweet friend.

  2. So excited that you have closed on the house! Let the moving in and decorating begin!!!!! :) Love you.

  3. Congratulations! That is so awesome!


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