Jack's 1st Birthday Party!

Thanks to my sister, I have a few awesome pictures to remember this day :)

Let me start out by saying that I really didn't have high expectations for how Jack would react given that he's been so clingy lately and wanting nothing to do with other people.  
Instead, however, he proved me wrong!  There were a few breakdowns, but overall, he was sweet and flirty and was only overwhelmed a little bit.  The party went so well, despite his shortened nap and the intense heat/humidity.  

With the help of my in-laws, who arrived in town early, the food was prepared and set out in the kitchen.  We fixed some of his favorite foods (fruit kebabs, turkey and cheese roll-ups, and carrots) for our guests to munch on, and I also baked up some angel food cupcakes with cream cheese icing and blueberries.  

The guests began to arrive, and we all visited out in the screen room and on the patio munching on the snacks.

When I figured he had had about enough of sitting in the highchair, we brought out the cupcakes and sang "Happy Birthday" to him.  Y'all, the look on his face as 15+ people sang in unison was priceless.  He looked around the room in awe as everyone sang.  I wish we had caught it on video :(

Then, he got to try his very first cupcake.  

He wasn't sure about what to do with it, at first.  

So, I helped him out a little.  

Then, he got the hang of it. And, he liked it!

It was time for a good wiping of his face and hands and the opening of presents :)

By the end of the event, he was wiped out!  We all had a great time!

A few notes from Jack...

Dear Gigi, 
You're the only one we didn't get a picture with! We'll have to snap one another day :)
Thank you for coming to my party.  Mommy will find a special place to hang my new dream catcher, and I know that when my new baby sister and I are older, we will really enjoy listening to and reading the stories you gave me!  Thank you!


Dear Angela,
Thank you for my new puzzles (I think I will REALLY like the one that makes car sounds!) and the book about numbers.  Mommy is always counting things (Cheerios, blueberries, fingers, toes), so I guess I need to know what she's talking about :).
I look forward to our walks in the neighborhood, especially when you bring that furry animal with you! Muah!


Dear Angela's mommy and daddy (Mr. and Mrs. M.),
I'm so glad you both were able to help me celebrate turning 1! Mr. M., I'll try to work on my handshake ;).
  Thank you for the fun card and the money that Mommy says will buy me some new jammies and maybe a few things for summertime!


Dear Aunt Kelli and Brynna,
You got the chunky safari puzzle for me, and I've already been enjoying it!  In fact, I enjoyed it so much, that I've officially lost the crocodile...Mommy says we'll keep looking for it.
I've also been looking through the Baby Einstein books! They're perfect for my tiny hands :).  Thank you for spending your afternoon with me!


Dear Aunt Beth, Ryan, and Emma,
Thank you for the Veggie Tales CD and the Kenny Loggins CD.  Mommy says we'll be listening to those in the car soon!  She also said to be sure and thank you for the Target gift card--it will be helpful when we go shopping for any extras I might need this summer!
Thank you for helping Mommy by taking so many great pictures of my party!


Dear Nonny, Pop-Pop, Aunt Sam, Uncle Nathan, and Aunt Faith,
Thank you so much for driving all this way to see me on my birthday!  I had so much fun with you, especially after the party was over :).  Thank you for all of the wonderful books you brought me and for the clothes that Mommy has already washed up!  The puzzles are neat, too!  
Mommy said to say a big thank you for your help in getting the food ready!  It was tasty!  Love y'all bunches!


Dear Nana and Grandpa,
Thank you so much for letting us have my party here (and for all of the other awesome stuff that you've done for us while we've been living here)!  Thank you for getting the backyard and the screen room so nice and tidy for our guests to enjoy and for working so hard to help the party go well.  
Thank you for my birthday bear, my wooden train set, and for the Bear board books.  Mommy already read me one, and I liked it!  Love you lots!


A note from Mommy....

Dear Jack,
Daddy and I love you to the moon and back, and we hope you had a wonderful first birthday!  We're so proud of the little guy you're becoming, and your personality cracks us up daily.  You are a sweet, loving boy who has so much potential.  
We know God has great plans for you!


  1. We love all of you to the moon and back! It has been such a joy to watch Jack Campbell grow and learn and become the sweet, curious, oh-so-precious little munchkin he has become. May this coming year be filled with more adventures and lots and lots of love!!


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